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Oh hey... There's where I left my tablet...
Anyways, I do not suggest looking at my old art. It's all bad and I'm too lazy to delete it... Just look at my new stuff :icondragonlick:
I prefer to stay in my usual ways of drawing dragons and wolves, although I am trying to branch out. I am attempting to be more "realistic" while keeping my cartoonish style, especially when drawing digital pictures.
As a person I am friendly and loyal (unless you anger me to no end, then I won't be nice...), but I am usually a chill, nice-going person.
My OC/Persona is Stormwind, a character a lot of people (used to) know, and here she remains, my baby. I've other characters I am developing too, so stay tuned...
I hope you enjoy my page, and like I said, don't look at my old stuff, you have a pretty face, it would be a shame if it melted off because of how bad my old art is -3- .
Above is the picture of my lovely persona Stormwind. But... she has her own story she has yet to tell.

I remain here, in honor of Linda, my beloved ShamelessAardvark. To whom inspired me above and beyond and was sadly taken from this world. One of the first people to have gladly met on NDA and friends since, she will always be in my heart, and the drive behind my passion for art. Rest well my beloved Linda..

Look Here Regarding Commissions and Art Trades
I am most always open for any questions about commissions and art trades. I'm pretty laid back about that stuff (and sometimes VERY generous especially if pay is involved). Anyways, I do like art trades, especially if they involve wolves and dragons but hey I'm open... To anything BUT people. People are a no-no. Have you seen my people? Yeah, that's what I thought.
If you have any questions and/or want me to do something, just politely note me and I shall get back to you as soon as I can.
Bisexual Stamp by AirieFeristo Saphira Stamp by areica

Other sites n stuff:
NDA: stormstar/bloodmoon
FR: silverstarslayer
Magisteam: silverstarslayer
Wajas: stormstar17
Dragcave: silverstarslayer
Legend Of The Cryptids: Bloodmoon



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Been playing for years and have never really gotten a premium, except for once when, well, I had to sponsor the most gory movie thing ever (worth it). Any donations help. Thank you :)

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Here's hoping I can get some time off work so I can make 2 and a new AotS pic ughhhh
1 by stormwind17
This is 1 (yes, that is his legit name).
He is the 'alpha' of the 9 HellHounds. He is side to Satan, and his best friend is 9 but doesn't openly admit it. He is stubborn and cocky, but can be nice when he wishes and leads the other HellHounds with pride. He tends to stay quiet, but his bark is just as bad as his flaming bite. He loves fresh gourmet dishes, listening to violin, and enjoys strolls through Hell's Garden. He doesn't like leaving the flames of his home but will run errands for his Master when needed, which is usually reminding helpless souls of deals and the occasional chase of a demonic rabbit through the Garden's labyrinth. He is a master strategist and prefers to keep himself locked up in his private study when he has nothing else to do.

I like 1, he can be a jerk, but he is a cool guy. Another small feature is when he gets mad, he sprouts bat-like wings. Hence the bat ears. But besides that he's pretty much all wolf.

Practiced more with the cell shading... Getting there me thinks. Happy about the eye. Anyways, enjoy, I shall be drawing the next HellHounds in the next days to come.

1 is MY original character. You by no means have my permission to use him in ANYTHING (that is unless we work something out). The HellHound Series is of my own idea, however, not completely trademarked. Any corresponding ideas, however, with my characters belong to me.
dA ID Stormwind by stormwind17
dA ID Stormwind
My New dA ID, needed a new pic... Anyways, besides this being my new ID, it is also a new profile image of my persona Stormwind. I redid her, again, to practice more and she won't bite me unlike the others if I mess up. Anyways, hoping that I am improving and doing better with the new techniques I am trying. Think I coulda done better with the eye but oh well, looks alright.
The Absence Of Sight
"Tis the Absence of Sight that causes the displeasure of the unknown. Blindly we step forward, our eyes dripping with crimson blaze. Our bodies clawing helplessly in the dark, seeking a light that is not willing to come. No, it is said the light will save us from the darkness. But, when light has been taken away from our bloody eyes, what hope is left that we will ever see again? It is only in times of darkness that we may be able to see the world for what it is as well as ourselves. The fear of losing our sight and stepping into the unknown is what has deprived us of courage for so long. It is darkness that revolts that of the retribution of light, as it has done nothing but exist and be used at the hand of corruption. Once the light we see has been gone for long enough will we be able to truly see everything that was once invisible, lurking in the glorious darkness that consumes those who blindly but confidently step forward unto the path they have chosen. Only when we have lost our sight shall we finally see." -Stormwind

Part one of my Absence of the Senses series. Stormwind portraying the Absence of Sight.
Her right eye is supposed to be red, so perfect side for it considering her right eye represents the element Light.
Hmm... I really gotta work on blood.... Gladly..

This is MY original character and she is by no means allowed to be used by any other unless they have my official word. You have no permission to use her without my OK. The Absence of Sight series is my original idea, however, not trademarked by me. Simply just a small fictional series. However, the quote was created by myself for my character and the series.
Back from a nice little personal trip I took in order to gain some highlights and shades on my self image (ehehe). So now I am back to begin re-drawing my Absence of Sight Series as well as a new series I shall begin talking about a little more later... Naturally it involves nice little hell hounds. Anyways, back to the drawing table with me it is.
Here's hoping I can get some time off work so I can make 2 and a new AotS pic ughhhh

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